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End To End Supply Chain Solutions

Exomize Is An Innovative SCM Solutions Provider. We Help Businesses Optimize Their Operations, Achieve Supply Chain Visibility, Reduce Costs, And Exceed Customer Expectations.



Procurement management

Procurement Management Services

Whether you're a startup with volatile supply chain needs, or a large company looking to outsource operational purchasing tasks - Exomize can help. We offer our customers outsourced procurement and supply chain management services, adapted to the customers needs and budget. We provide a wide spectrum of services: from strategic procurement management to day-to-day operational purchasing; from building long-term supply chain strategies to one-off projects - whatever your needs are, we got you backed.​


Digital Supply Chain Platforms

Today's complex supply chains make it hard to manage your operations using manual tools. Excel sheets,

e-mails and offline communication can do the job in small scales, but they simply won't do as your operations grow larger and more complex. For businesses who want to professionally track and manage their operational tasks, know the location and status of their goods and equipment, find new sources, manage their suppliers' performance, and meet their customers' expectations - a digital supply chain is an absolute necessity. Together with our tech partners, we offer the most advanced platforms for supply chain visibility, asset tracking, collaborative project management and everything that's required to optimize your operational efficiency.

Digital Supply Chain


Our Mission is To Optimize Your Operations, Procurement and Supply Chain

Exomize is an innovative solutions provider, operating in supply chain, procurement, operations and digital transformation domains. We provide outsourced management services, as well as technological solutions - both designed and executed based on long industry experience, and a deep understanding of our customers needs. 

We are results driven, efficiency-obsessed, and proud of it. Our vision is to help our customers achieve best in class operational efficiency by providing them a suite of advanced, talior-made solutions and services - and help them skyrocket their business results.



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